Eccentric Scholar


N male elf alchemist 10


An accomplished alchemist, Tanatheril has been employed as a faculty member at the Alabaster Academy since before the Chelish Civil War. He suffered a great blow to his professional reputation when it was discovered that his research partner, Alander Mangvhune, was in fact the notorious Temple Hill Slasher. Though he had no knowledge of Mangvhune’s murderous activities, Tanatheril also fell under a cloud of suspicion. Although he was cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation, his close association with Mangvhune served to inhibit his professional prospects. Even over a hundred years later, the gossip has still been passed down to new faculty members, meaning no one at the Alabaster Academy is likely to forget anytime soon.

Tanatheril is a somewhat nervous and twitchy man with little patience for interruptions in his work, believing most who come to his door to be people trying to gawk at one of the few in Kintargo who knew Mangvhune personally.


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