Marquel Aulorian

The Poison Pen


Marquel Aulorian is the scion of the Aulorian family, one of Kintargo’s older and more prominent families. A young, somewhat idealistic man, Marquel is disappointed by his family’s increasing loyalty to Thrune. His appearance is marked by a withered right arm. He was placed under house arrest by his father, who suspected him of having something to do with the Silver Ravens.

Secretly, Marquel has been writing satirical poetry about the government for over a year, under the name of the Poison Pen. The recent proclamations against the possession of his poetry have frightened him, but he does not know who to turn to for aid.

Marquel is also secretly the lover of Captain Cassius Sargaeta, whom he believes to still be hunting pirates in the Shackles.

Marquel Aulorian

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