Lictor Octavio Sabinus

Leader of the Order of the Torrent


Male human fighter 5/Hellknight 3


A stern and severe-looking man, Lictor Octavio Sabinus is the current leader of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent. Recent events have greatly disturbed Octavio—he initially submitted to Barzillai’s rule as a lawfully appointed lord-mayor, despite his suspicions about the true cause of the fires on the Night of Ashes and the disappearance of Jilia Bailinus, the previous lord-mayor. But when Barzillai brought in the Order of the Rack to help keep order in the city, Octavio could see the direction this was headed and sent most of his people out of the city before Barzillai struck against their citadel. When the attack came, Octavio made the difficult choice to go into hiding to fight another day rather than be taken prisoner.

Octavio’s deep convictions have been tested by recent events, but he still believes in defending Kintargo and hopes that the Silver Ravens will not simply prove to be thugs.

Lictor Octavio Sabinus

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