Laria Longroad

Proprietor of the Long Roads Coffeehouse


Female halfling brawler 2/rogue 1


A friendly and outgoing woman, Laria is the owner of the Long Roads Coffeehouse in Kintargo’s Villegre district. Her food and drink is quite popular in the neighborhood, but what most in the city do not know is that Laria works with the Bellflower Network to help free as many of her brethren from slavery as possible. Her influence in Kintargo provides important resources—at least, before most of the network in Kintargo was destroyed or driven into hiding in the wake of Barzillai’s takeover.

Laria’s fondness for good cooking is surpassed only by her love of good companionship in her bed. A practical and down-to-earth woman, she hopes to help out as much as she can in the fight and offers the Long Roads up as a base of operations for the newly re-created Silver Ravens.

Laria Longroad

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