Jilia Bailinus

Lord-Mayor of Kintargo


Formerly the lord-mayor of Kintargo before Barzillai Thrune’s appointment, Jilia was known for being an outspoken voice against House Thrune who often walked the line between Chelish loyalty and outright rebellion. Still, she knew she had to appease Thrune sometimes or lose her position. When Barzillai’s appointment was announced, she fled the city for Arcadia, fearing reprisal—at least, that’s the official story.

Few actually believe that Jilia fled Kintargo, and there are hushed rumors that the new lord-mayor killed her or imprisoned her somewhere in the city.

Jilia’s fate is actually much crueler than death or imprisonment. Jilia was transformed into a vampiric thrall by Aluceda Zhol, Kintargo’s high priest of Zon-Kuthon. Now bound in servitude, she must follow Aluceda’s commands, though she wishes for the release of death.

The party dispatched her vampiric form and then resurrected her. She was quite grateful for this, and has retaken her position as lord-mayor.

Jilia Bailinus

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