Ivran Xerysis

WIscrani Aristocrat


A visiting aristocrat from Westcrown, Ivran is ostensibly in Kintargo to look after his family’s interests there. Though House Xerysis has no formal land holdings in the Duchy of Ravounel, they have quite a few business interests in Kintargo. Ivran is remaining in Kintargo to ensure that the recent difficulties inconvenience the family as little as possible…at least, so he claims. Some gossip has swirled around the aloof Wiscrani man in the noble circles in which he’s been circulating, but nothing substantive. Given his status as an eligible bachelor from an important family, he’s attracted a fair amount of attention from Kintargo nobility attempting to secure good matches for their offspring—so far, all such advances have been politely rebuffed.

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Ivran Xerysis

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