Isidro Asadova

A real 'huggy' kind of guy


Isidro grew up in Westcrown. The son of a poor Vudran maid, he left home to stop burdening his mother (and to avoid his guilt of not being able to love her) and found his way to Sandra’s home a year and a half ago. He gave up on her being able to curb his anger and gloom after six months and left the city, finding his way to Kintargo. He refuses to admit that he is just running from his failures.

Isidro is a very private person, not opening up about his ‘condition’, religion (Sinashakti), or past to anyone. He keeps his belongings under lock and key and tends to react with claws or fists with the slightest provocation. He has no friends. :(

Isidro Asadova

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