Hetamon Haace

Rose of Kintargo


Male demon-spawn tiefling cleric of Milani 5


Hetamon is a young tiefling man who owns and operates the Devil’s Threads clothing shop in Old Kintargo. He is often seen in the company of his shop assistant, Kat.

Secretly, Hetamon is actually the leader of a small cult to Milani known as the Rose of Kintargo (a name which he goes by as well). He strongly agrees with the goals of the Silver Ravens, as he feels it is his sacred duty to help Kintargo fight for freedom. His congregation is divided into cells of small groups of worshipers, in case one cell is compromised. The cult has been making inroads in the city, particularly in Redroof, as Hetamon keeps his base of operations and place of worship in a hidden room in his shop.

Hetamon Haace

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