Cassius Sargaeta

Captain of the Scourge of Belial


A captain in the Chelish navy, Cassius has grown rather disillusioned with the Thrune regime, seeing them as nothing more than misguided slaves of Hell. He is widely respected and no one outside of his crew has picked up on his opinions—and most of his crew members share them and aid him in keeping them hidden.

He is a Chelish patriot who sees the Thrunes as the true traitors to the nation. He is willing to aid the Silver Ravens for the sake of bringing proud Chelish traditions back to Kintargo. He is loyal to his own convictions, however, and plans to keep an eye on the Ravens in case they begin doing more harm than good to the city.

Apart from any other concerns he has about Barzillai Thrune’s regime, Cassius has taken personal offense to the banning of the poetry of his secret lover, Marquel Aulorian.

Cassius Sargaeta

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