Barzillai Thrune

Kintargo's Ex-Lord Mayor


Upon the rise of the Glorious Reclamation, a rebellion against the crown by a group of Iomedean knights, Paracount Barzillai Thrune was appointed as Kintargo’s new lord-mayor to keep an eye on the potentially rebellious city. Barzillai was quick to enthusiastically enforce martial law over the city. After its former lord-mayor, Jilia Bailinus, fled to Arcadia—or so rumor has it—Thrune and his followers struck suddenly against potential troublemakers in the city, including the Iroran Sacred Order of Archivists, the Bellflower Network, and the underground cults of Sarenrae and Milani in what is now being referred to as the Night of Ashes. Though this was a week prior to the Aria Park protests, the city is still on edge, and Barzillai’s draconian and at times bizarre decrees have done little to endear him to the populace. He is known to be a devout Asmodean and a fearsome man.

He has taken up residence in the Kintargo Opera House, from which he and his followers now rule the city.

The party finally took back Kintargo and put an end to his oppression of the city…or have they…?

Barzillai Thrune

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