CG female aquatic elf ranger 2


Aava is an aquatic elf from the small settlement of Acisazi. She and several others came to Kintargo when their village was afflicted by a strange illness, caused by an aboleth necromancer that broke the wards around the Drowned Eye, long thought to be cursed. They hoped to find the aid of one of their village’s allies, an aquatic half-elf named Shensen. Unfortunately, they were captured by skum soon after their arrival.

The party rescued them and killed the aboleth plaguing their village. In gratitude, Aava and the others returned to assist the Silver Ravens in their cause.

Aava is relatively young for an elf, and views helping liberate Kintargo as an adventure as well as a good cause. Though she loves Acisazi, she is enjoying the opportunity to explore a bit more.


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